A Simple Technique to Increase Compliance

People say no to us everyday.  As sales people we all hate to hear that dreaded word, even successful sales people do. I had mentioned on a previous post that a no from a prospect is not the worst thing in the world to hear, that is true. The worth thing is I’ll think about it, and they never really do and you are caught in limbo. But, a no, is a close second. Even though you know where you stand, it still stings, it doesn’t matter how many years you have been in sales. Today we will try and help you overcome a few of those no’s and get themto yes’s.  Here is something so simple, yet you probably never use it.

You are meeting with a prospect and you have set your up front agreement. The agreement is that you will make a decision today, thus avoiding the endless follow up calls that the prospect will never take because he has no intention of doing business with you. 

You “So Tim as you can see this is the type of policy you were looking for. It will protect you family and compared to what you are paying today, it’s 30% less. The best part is we are the only AAA rated company at this price range”

Tim ” You know, I really appreciate all the hard work you did for me, and your company is great….. I just don’t think I want to switch”

You “huh????”

Now your problably going to say that this won’t happen to you. The dumb response won’t. But you have been in those situations when you wonder what the heck this prospect is thinking, it is so clear in you mind why you should do business…but him?

So what do you do? 

Don’t jump down the prospects throat and give a data dump on why they should. Instead ask “Why NOT?”  It may seem simple, but it is very effective in getting the prospect to finally admit what the reason is they don’t want to do business with you. Then you can you use your objection handeling skills to try and show them the errors of their ways. How does this work?  Franklin Boster of Michigan State put this to the test vs other techniques.

The Comparison

  • Door-in-the-face (DITF): this is where you make a large request, one that they won’t comply with. After they say no, (the door was slammed) you make a much smaller request. Which seems so small they will do it. 
  • Placebo information (PI): this is when you give someone a reason, and use the word because. “Can I use the copier because I need to make some copies?”  This was found to increase compliance from 60% to 90%.
  • Why Not (WN) Previously explained
  • So what happened?

    Random people were asked to watch a bycycle for ten minutes.

    20% complied with DITF

    45% complied with PI

    60% complied with WN

    So now you can see how something like a simple question can help you close more sales.

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