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Does having numbers in a name help you sell more? Here at Successful Sales Tools we are always trying to find new tips, research, and data to help you and your business sell more. An article we just read in the the Journal of Marketing Research says that, yes numbers do help your branding and will help you sell more. If they are the correct numbers.

The authors (see below) saw in thier research that certain numbers are more liked by all of us. If we like the numbers associated with those brands, we liked the brands more as well. The authors found that the source of number liking is the ease with which the number is processed. This ease of processing, similar to a feeling of familiarity, can come from two sources. First, numbers that are encountered more often are more familiar and liked, typically smaller numbers. (1,2,9) We like these more because we see them more often.

Rounded numbers were encountered more often as well, and were more liked. 10,100,1000.

So how did they test this? Imaginary brands names were tested. Dandruf shampoo zinc24 was much more popular then just Zinc.  People also like the Volvo S12 more then they like the S29. The liking increased when the Volvo shown had license plates with the numbers 2 and 6, we subconscously make that a 12. The researchers also did a similiar study with V8. The consumers liked the V8 that said “Get a full day’s supply of 4 essential vitamins and 2 minerals with a bottle of V8″.. (see what they did there?) vs one that had no 2 and 4.

So what does this mean for you? If I have a product I am rolling out I would be very aware of how my product is names, and I would stay way from the unfamiliar, and use familiar ones to get peop




Dan King, 11Assistant Professor of Marketing, NUS Business School, National University of Singapore

Chris Janiszewski22JCPenney Professor of Marketing, Warrington College of Business Administration, University of Florida
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