Fire Your Customer

What??? We try so hard to get them. But who is your customer????  This is a critical question that most people and business’s forget to ask. When you begin to grow as a business you are trying to get and keep every customer…you have too, or you might not be able to pay your bills. But what about when you are already known? Do things change?

When our business was young we were in the get every deal mode. We signed up just about any client that would say yes to us. As we grew we took a hard look at our business and who our best customers were. What we found out, and I suspect most people who go through this exercise do, is that most of the headaches, slow payments, and misery come from a small segment of your customers.

What can you do?

You have a bunch of customers that love you, your product and service, they pay on time and although there are some hiccups, it has been a mutually beneficial relationship. But doesn’t it always seem that you have huge projects to do with little payoff…. for the bad customers?

Look at you ROI on those high maintenance low payoff customers. I bet you are making much less then you do on your best ones. Now look at the best…..Look at what makes them a really good customer, and teach your sales people to go after those prospects.

We have fired most of those bad customers from the old days. Now if they adapted with us, we are still servicing them. But if they didn’t? bye bye

We also rank our customers as A,B, and C. And guess which ones we make our people spend most of their time with?

That has led to an average of 15% growth over the last 10 years!

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