Five Tips To Being A Better Boss

If you own your own company or run a sales force for someone you have people that you have to manage. Managing a successful company is not easy, and keeping a successful sales team, successful, is even harder. Why is that? I believe there are a few reasons.

Sales people get into sales because they are independent, and after a few years of being successful your team will often tune you out. Just like many NFL teams, after a head coach has been successful for a number of year their team stops listening , you have two choices at that point, change the way you manage and keep your team, or get replaced. It has happened to the best coaches out there, Mike Ditka, Tom Landry, Bill Parcells, and Jon Gruden have all led there team to Super Bowls and won and have been summarily dismissed from there teams.   

How can you avoid this? By being a better boss, one that doesn’t get tuned out, and consistently achieves results.

Here are Five tips to being a better boss

1. A good boss understands their team need to be brilliant at the basics. This means meeting all of your meeting and activity goals. You know you numbers. (if you don’t you aren’t successful right now) 5 meetings equals 1 account and $200,000 in revenue ect.

2. You don’t know it all. Listen to your team, really listen. Your are not in the trenches everyday any longer, your team has valuable insight to what it takes to be successful. Remember, they helped you achieve the success you are trying to maintain. Some of my best aha! moments came from my team telling me things need to be changed, and we became a better company because of it.

3. Be assertive, not a jerk. You don’t need to yell to get performance. But at the same time you can’t let the team go a whole quarter without hitting their sales numbers. Hold people accountable, but help them is a sure way to gain respect.

4. Protect your team. It sounds simple, but crap always rolls downhill, and often you are expected to be the jerk in a company and deliver that to your team. Don’t, You take the heat, and work together to fix the problem. If the idea that the powers that be want you to implement is stupid, don’t make your people do it. But tell them it’s a condition of you beating your goals, that way you have proof that you don’t need to change, no smart company will mess with a successfully run company or division.

5. Be thankful. When there is success the boss often get too much credit, and as a results our heads swell. We stop listening, and forget that our success as a organization is intertwined. We don’t succeed without one another. So stop and say it.”Thank you for……” Be specific

What do you think? Please let me know if you have other idea to help your boss.

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