Google Generates $54 Billion For US Economy

Google is without a doubt changing the way the world does business. Today Google estimated that it help generate $54 billion dollars for the US economy.  So how has Google done this? How have they help drive the US economy? They hire and keep top talent, from people on the front lines (sales people), to the programmers.

If you want to be a top performing company you need to hire top talent as well. So what kind of salesperson are you hiring? What do you have in place to help the selection process? What is the top trait you look for? There are the top 10 things to keep in mind when you search for the top talent.

When I interview for a sales position I always ask a few questions that help me decide rather quickly. I also expect the potential candidate to know quite about about the company they are looking to work for. Here are my top 10 tips and questions when looking to hire your next star performer.

Top Ten Tips for Hiring Star Performers

  1. What do you know about my company and the position you applied for? If they have only cursory knowledge, I wonder how much they wanted this job?
  2. Why are you leaving your old company? This gives insight to whether the tend to take responsibility for their success or blame others. (ie the company)
  3. Tell me about a goal you didn’t achieve and why didn’t you achieve it? This gives insight to their character and whether they learn from their mistakes.
  4. If  this is their first sales position or they are experienced in sales, I ask why sales or how did you get started in sales? I ask this because people out of college often stumble into sales because they don’t know what they want to do. Do they like competition? Like having control of their own pay?
  5. What is the last book to improve your sales skills? What ezines do you read? This will often tell you about their drive and their ability to take control of their own career.

In part two of this article I will finish my top ten questions/tips. I wonder, what type of questions do you ask when interviewing? Or what are the top questions you have been asked? I will share the top responses in the next post.

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