Helping Your Customer Reach Their Goals

Do you know what your customers/clients goals are for the upcoming year? month? or quarter? If not listen up..this post is for you.

Help them reach their target!!! One of the most powerful tools at a sale persons disposal is the ability to help their customers reach their goals. When you are talking about sales to a company it makes you more then a commodity, it makes you a business partner. And guess who is safe when the Sh!t its the fan and the company has to cut back on expenses. The business partner who helped them achieve last years revenue goals? or the salesperson who sold them a product?

Even if you sell to individual. Will Joe stop buying his insurance from you if moneys tight and he found a cheaper carrier. Not if you helped him be protected when there was a bad storm or accident and the extra coverage you recommended save him. That’s the difference between a partner and a salesperson/client relationship.

So how can you do this?  First found out all you can about the person/business. There is nothing more frustrating to a prospect that you are trying to sell then finding out you don’t know what the company does, information that you can find on a web site.  Newpapers, magazines and trade publications all have valuable information.

How back the individual? you can ask friends, ask him where he works before you meet. Look at his company and industry to see what the hot points are right now. How about his Facebook page? There are always ways of finding out. 

That’s the starting point. You need to understand where they are as a company/person and some issue they are having.  Then begins every salesperson favorite tool…the questions.

Finding out the goals is more then just asking. Asking how they will do that. Will they have to cut costs somewhere else to make that happen? Are they looking at new markets? Acquisitions?

Once you have this information you can frame your proposal to help them achieve this.  If you do this….. you will be more valuable to not only your customer but the market place.

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