Hiring Star Performers Part Two

We left off at the last post with 5 of the top 10 questions that lead to hiring star perfromers. We have had some great follow up questions as well. Google and other great companies hire top people year in and year out and that is why they stay at the top. So here are the final 5, followed by some follow up answers.

6. Tell me about a time you had to go to your customer or prospect with a     mistake you made and how did you handle it? What was their reaction?  This gives me insight to how they handle set backs and whether they live up to their mistakes.

7.Tell me about a time you sold an account that no one thought could be sold? When I ask about their success’s many interviewee’s often have great stories about how they closed so many difficult accounts and they had great succes with hard to close prospects. I immediately follow up with “Who was the account and who was you contact there?” If they don’t have an answer I know that it’s a made up story.

8. We have every sales person take a personality profile. This lists traits and characteristics that we find the best salesperson needs. After reviewing the profile I ask them what they think it says, and if it matches up. This tells me if they know themselves, or they talk a good game to get a job but they don’t do it in real life. It also often review what they believe is their weakness.

9. Do you love to win or hate to lose? People don’t see much of a difference there. I do. When you hate to lose you do ANYTHING to make it work. If that means reading the books and staying up late to be on top you do. You don’t want the other person to beat you. That drive will carry you through a lot of cold spells.

10. At the end of the interview I say ” You know ____ I really like you, but I’m going to have to pass. I just don’t think you can do this job?” This is the ultimate interview question for a sales position. If they fight back and talk about that it’s your loss, or say why and over come the objection. That is a person you want on your team. You want someone who can over come objections and who can stand up to prospects. If they can with you, they can with a decision maker.

Some of our readers chimes in with other good questions.

Tim Van Milligan ” Tell me about a time you should have been fired but got away with it?”

Mike Walker likes to take his interviews on a tour of the facility and see how they interact with the team.

April Braswell likes putting more of a positive spin on the questions. ” What did you learn from a challenge?” 

This list is by no means 100% complete. But if you use them effectively you will greatly reduce the amount of bad, expensive hires you have. You can also build a team of all star performers. 

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