How Being Like Oprah Can Help Your Career

I have some successful sales people that are looking to get promoted, they have varying degrees of success, but I generally support most people if they are looking to get promoted. One of the first things I ask them is to tell me about their track record of success. Most have been in sales for 2-4 years.  A lot can happen in life and in business over that time, bosses move, customers come and go, (hopefully not too many go) and people get fired. It is hard to keep track of all the  good things that you may have done in your career.  So how does one of the richest people in the world and daytime tv queen help you in your career?

How Oprah can help you

Oprah, like Ronald Reagan, George Patton, and Ann Frank, all keep and kept diaries. Have you ever journaled? Many people believe it is a waste of time. Not me. But in this senario I am not talking about a personal journal, although for the record I think that is a good idea as well, I am talking about a work diary.  Most people expect thier boss to keep track of the good they do…but they need to have the responsibilty to do it themselves.  What if your boss gets fired? What if he or she gets promoted? How many employees do they have to manage?

You see once you realize you are the one responsible for your own success, you have to take ownership for it.

Where to begin? Start by listing your accomplishments everyday, as soon as it happens. Win an award? write it down…win a weekly contest, put it in your diary. When you keep this and the opprotunity for promotion comes you will be ready instead of trusting your memory. You won’t need to ask HR, or your old boss. How about if you get fired? or your company gets bought and you are downsized?  This



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