How Long Will You Be Relavant?

We recently read an article here at Successful Sales Tools that reminded us how quickly business’s and trends change. The article was how the millennials will not use or purchase what many of us in Generation X can’t seem to live without. It is a reminder that all business’s need to change with the times or end up like Blockbuster. Gartner Research has a recent study that said that 46% of 18-24 year olds would choose the internet over a car! When I was 18 the only thing I could think about was what freedom a car would bring me.

If you are GM or Ford what can you do today to start getting a share of that market that looks like it is going away? Add internet to the car? Offer a Ipad to anyone who buys? Business’s that aren’t looking at what the younger generations needs and wants will lose out. The millennials want to be green, Toyota has the Prius, which one can purchase for 24K. Chevy? The Volt which most of the younger generation can’t afford, 38K.

What about email? The holy grail of most web sites. Millennials instant message, text, and twitter before they check their email. How can you or your business use this before your competitors. Do you have a Facebook page? People will look at what thier friends and other recommmed before they buy. How many fans do you have on FB?

I am not a futurist, nor can I say what the next big thing might be, but I know that with my business and our blog I am always looking and learning will things may go. I hope I can be the first to capitalize on it. Where is your business headed in 5-10 years? Will you be able to get the millennials? or they children.


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