How Mel Gibson Can Save Your Career

It’s all over tabloid TV like Extra, Access Hollywood and TMZ. Mel Gibson, who a few years ago was considered a Hollwood good guy and a hugely successful Actor and Director  is now all over the news and tabloid TV because of his rant to his ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva. I’ll leave it to the tabloids to tell you what he said, needless to say it was mean and profane. 

What does this have to do with you and career. Well, first off this is not the first time Mad Maxx has done this, he has had similar tie-raids in the past. Why does he still get gigs? because he make money…lots of it for the studios he works with. This is not to say that I condone what he said because he makes money…on the contrary, I think he is a narcissistic jerk..

I have two stories for you. The first one is when I began my sales career, I was running late for a meeting and the person in front of me was driving as if they didn’t know I was late…imagine that. Well, being frustrated I laid on the horn to get them to move. Sure enough at the next light they pulled up right behind me, on a side note why does that always happen???  As I was turning into my appointment, the car followed me into the parking lot. The person worked at the company…no it wasn’t who I was meeting with, but do you think I left a good impression on that company???

My second story is more recent. I had a new hire, “Jeff”,  that recently quit. He had just started with us in December and seemed like he would be great..he said all the right things in the interview…how he wanted a career..and to be successful…he was driven… 

He quite less then 6 months in the job. At his exit interview he said after 30 days he knew that the job wasn’t right for him and he began a new job search immediately. He also had a few choice words about our company and how competitive it was… Now we often have to pay a recruiter 10K+ for a referral hire. Jeff, didn’t seem to care. Now what to Mel and Jeff have in common? 

They didn’t think about what they said and how it might effect their careers. You need to watch what you say…even when you think no one is listening. I’m sure Mel Gibson never thought his message would be played..who would say that knowing it will be all over the news? I am also sure Jeff didn’t think much of saying that he never really gave us a chance…but do you think if our paths cross again I will hire him? or give him a recommendation? 

Just as I had to learn my lesson, now I didn’t say anything stupid…but I’m sure that car horn got my point across…I think these two need a lesson. You never know who you will meet up with in a new company or career. What I want to ask you,  is what you say when no one is around?

Now Mel Gibson may get another movie. He has spin masters working for him…and he makes a boatload of money. How about you? My guess is that like the rest of us, you don’t have a team to spin your mistakes….so my advice here..don’t put yourself in the position to begin with…

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