How to Get a Peice of Obama’s 50 Billion Dollar Pie

One of the top complaints I have been getting from successful sales people and frankly those that want to be, is that no one wants to spend any money. Everyone is still crying about an inability to find new leads and new sources of income. Well at my company we have spread out to new territories, markets we have not been before. So my advice for you and your company….is follow the money!

So what can you do? Our president recently announced 50 Billion dollars to jump start out economy. That is a lot of zero’s. One thing that I had my team do over the last two years is look for new growing area’s for us to get more business. What sector is growing faster then any other….You guessed it Uncle Sam. This is not a political article, I will keep my thoughts to myself of how money is best spent. But if the spending is going to happen, you and your company should at least try and get some of your own tax dollars back.

The biggest reason that people don’t sell to the Government is because there is no one decision maker, and you often have to do a lot of work for little or sometimes no reward. That may be true, but if you win the payoffs can be huge. I’ll give you a few examples.

We work with our local transit authority. We had a few small deals here and here. But by working with our team and theirs it turned into a 6 year 7 million dollar contract.  We worked that into a piggybacking deal, where we our now working with 3 other local agency’s. So where to begin.       

Start  by pulling up your local city and state agency web sites. Once you get there look for the doing business with us. After getting a better understanding of what you need, look for items they are bidding out. Often this is an area that have more needs in. Then you find a target, one  that more then one of your municipalities has need listed.

Call the person in charge of that department, now you may not always get them, but if you are screened make sure you mention that they work for YOU! when you do this you get through more often. After you get the meeting, proceed like a regular sale.

Now you will have to build multiple levels of people championing your cause. But when the person in charge says it’s a good idea, people under them begin to like it as well, almost magic how that happens. It will have to go out to a bid or an RFP. (Request for Proposal). But if you offer to help write that RFP? remember people in Government do not want to work…that’s why they are in Government. They will take your idea’s and if you are smart your competitive advantages, to give you the edge.

Once you get that deal, make sure there is language in there so that other agencies can participate in that contract should they desire…and guess what…. when those needs come up, will they reinvent the wheel? NO they will piggyback on the existing contract. Less work for them, more dollars for you. There are other things that can you business faster, and we will explore those in a future article.

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