Is Cold Calling a Waste of Time?

No good organizations teach cold calling anymore.  Not True.

Real sales professionals don’t cold call. Not True.

It’s against the law to cold call. Not True.

Cold calling scripts don’t work. Not True.

These are all statements that you might hear and believe are true. I have been cold calling for 10+ years, and although it’s not always an ideal introduction, if done professionaly and well, you can reach a wider range of audience and get more appointments to close more business.

Some of the top organizations today still cold call. Xerox has for years trained it’s sales peole to cold call. Why? because it’s effective. Any company that you are calling on today has to bring in customers. In an ideal world customers will just walk up to our door and say they need our products and services. That’s not reality. And of course they wouldn’t need a salesperson if it was.

We are all busy, and we can’t see all the opportunites that are out there that might save us money, or improve our business. The sales persons job is to professionally cold call to get in and meet with a decision maker. I say professionaly because there are a lot of bad sale people out there that give the good ones a bad name.

Here are a few tips to be professional and help you get appoinments.

1. If you say you will call back at this day and time DO IT! Exactly when you said you will.

2. When you are talking to a decision maker, he/she will try and get you off as quickly as possible. Forget the cold calling scripts. Be real. Ask questions about his business, questions help you regain control of the conversation and put you on equal business statue.

3. Know your product. Too many times sales people don’t know what they are selling. If you don’t know your product inside and out, you lose credibility.

4. Get to the point. Wheather its a meeting or an introduction, tell them why you are calling. There is nothing worse then someone trying to act like they are your friend and they do not even know you. You need to respect thier time.  

I will have more tips on a later post. The point here is that if cold calling is done properly, it is leverage to get better use of your time and see more people. My company has used call calling the last 15 years, and we have grown an average of 10-15% each year. Again, this is not the only way we grow our business, but a key component.

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