Is LeBron James Leaving Cleveland?

While most of the NBA is watching the playoffs, people all over the US are wondering if LeBron James will be leaving Cleveland. James is a free agent and can sign with anyone in the NBA. You may wonder what that has to do with our sales blog. LeBron has to make the biggest decision of his life the next few months. And how he will go about doing that will help you sell more and worry a little less.

 What all the other NBA teams are about to learn is what every salesperson goes through after a presentation, they learn the are battling the status quo. They will also learn that is a tough battle to win.

LeBron is expected to look at New York, Chicago, New Jersey and staying in Cleveland as potential places for him to end up playing. Change is hard for all of us, that is why so few of us actually do it. It is the same for our prospects. They worry that this change will hurt their business that they have worked so hard to build, or that the change will get them fired because it was more expensive.

Is this true? is change truly that hard? Well yes it is…and that is why our prospects wait to give us the answer correct? That’s when the worry and the panic sets in with the salesperson.

They think ” I did a great job and this should be a slam dunk. Why is the decision taking so long? I must have not done as good as I thought I did, they probably won’t change.”

Don’t rush to that conclusion just yet. In a recent issue of Psychological Science, Psychologists Niels van de Ven proved that wasn’t so and that a delay in the decision may actually mean you really did a good job, and you might get the business.  

When they conducted a series of experiments, participants were asked to choose between a default and an alternative. 82% opted for the default when making the choice straight away, but when delayed this dropped to 56%.

The authors conclude by saying that:

“…electing to delay making a choice is taken as a sign of doubt about which option is best, a state that tends to be attributed disproportionately to the normative option, lessening its appeal.”

So just because your answered is delayed, it doesn’t mean the sale is lost. The take away is that you don’t need to push the prospect for an answer, that may hurt your cause. Encourage you prospect that take SOME time to make a decison. The more they think about it the more the more likely they are to move away from the default, or the status quo.

I’m not sure where that leaves LeBron, but I know the longer he takes to make his decision, the worse it looks for Cleveland.

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