More Questions For A New Boss

In our last post we ask what questions should we be asking as a new boss. You are now the Manager, the CEO, or the Head of Sales. What do you want to ask your employee?  Our readers came up with some great questions…..

Here They Are

What do you know about our product line?

How long does it take for you to close a deal from the the initial contact?

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I always ask them if they know what they don’t know…

Sonya adds ….I like to ask” How do you see a typical day going?” and “if you are successful at this job, what will that success look like at 6 months?”

Kevin Hogan Added great questions as well

“Tell me about a time where you turned a difficult social situation you found yourself in,  into a situation that turned out to be productive or enjoyable because of what you did.”

“Tell me a time when someone asked you to do something that would be disloyal and how you responded.”

“A customer has a new fleet of vehicles with competitor X. How are we going to get that business?”


A special thanks to Rachel, Kevin as well who offered the first few thoughts.

We will continue to add as they come up…

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