Never Hire A Women To Sell Pt.2

So when we left off on the last post we mentioned the Study from the University of Chicago that said that women tended to have less interest in jobs with competition.Sales is competition…right?  Did it say don’t hire a women??

The Results

To test whether differences between men’s and women’s interest in competition actually affects their job choices, List and a research team created two advertisements on Internet job boards. They posted jobs for administrative assistants, the most common job in the United States. One ad, which was gender-neutral, described the job responsibilities as preparing reports based on news stories and fulfilling typical office tasks. The second ad, for a sports news assistant, was similar, except that the job would entail writing reports about sports stories.

The advertisements were placed on job boards in 16 of the nation’s largest cities between January and April 2010. The team then presented respondents with additional information to describe different forms of compensation.

Some applicants were told the job paid $15 an hour. Others were told the pay was based on individual competition, with a base salary of $13.50, and a $3 bonus depending on how he or she did in comparison to other workers. Another package offered a $12 hourly base pay with a $6 bonus if the employee outperformed other workers. Still others were told the job had a competition-based wage, but that comparisons would be based on the productivity of people working in teams. 

Of the 6,779 people who responded to the ads, 2,702 applied once they knew the wage structure.  Those included 1,566 women and 1,136 men. (About 20 of the applicants were actually hired.)

“When the salary potential was most dependent on competition, men were 94 percent more likely to apply than women,” List said.

The study also said that the effect can be counteracted by hiring women where they can sell in teams vs. one-on-one.

List also said socialization of both sexes play a factor in the gender differences in the way men and women respond to pay incentives based on competition. Boys receive more encouragement growing up to be competitive, particularly in sports, while girls frequently are encouraged to be more cooperative, he said.

With that, I have found that like the study, men I interviewed tended to be more competitive. But the women I have HIRED were way more competitive then their male counterparts. So I have no reservations with hiring a women to sell. I would also say that women that sell face to face have a greater advantage based on looks..Would you agree?

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