Never Hire A Women To Sell

What am I talking about?  We have all bought from female salespeople right? I have hired and worked with many female salespeople throughout my career.  But should I or would I hire another one?  More on that later, what made me think about this was a recent study I read from the University Of Chicago. Sales is competition and men do better at competitions right? I personally HATE, HATE , HATE to lose. It gnaws at me for weeks. I must even admit that I will not let my kids or in-laws win at a game, and I often get mad when my wife is nice and gives hints at trivia or lets the rules slide….it drives me crazy…

But my wife??  She doesn’t care who wins as long as everyone gets along and has a good time, it’s about family…. It is amazing to me how much your day to day interactions with people you know mirrors real life. 

The study

The study, which covered most of the nation’s largest metropolitan areas, also revealed regional variation in how much women desire jobs in which competition plays a role in determining wages. In cities where local wages are generally lower, women tend to want jobs in which competition determines wages, the study showed.

“We know that women, often working at the same kind of job as men, frequently are not paid as much as men,” said John List, professor of economics at UChicago and an author of the paper, “Do Competitive Work Places Deter Female Workers? A Large-Scale Natural Field Experiment on Gender Differences in Job-Entry Decisions,” published by the National Bureau of Economic Research

So what did the study results show????

The results in our next post

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