NFL Draft 2011

The annual NFL Draft is upon us. ESPN will have it all on TV and the “Stars” of tomorrow will be drafted over the next few days and signed to multi-million dollar contracts. They will have perks that most of us just dream of.  The teams in the NFL spend million upon millions of dollars evaluating these players. The measure everything from their height, weight, vertical,  how much they can lift, and how fast they can run. They do background checks and give them IQ tests. The do this because they realize it is an investment in their business. And it is business, Big business, to the tune of  9 billion dollars a year. You may not be that big, but what do you spend to find the right person?

When most companies hire  they do nothing more then post a job on or Career Builder. They spend little if anything on hiring top performers. I have written about this previously. Hiring a top saleperson more then makes up for what you will pay them. Most of the people that I hire and work out, end up making us 10-1 with what we spend on them.

!0-1 is a pretty good return. We also have a really low turn over rate. In sale I have heard everywhere from 60%-75% a year the average sales force turns over.

How do we do this? We get most of our salespeople from 3 places.

1. Interns that come back

2. Refferals

3. Our sister companies

Now smaller companies can’t do everything we do, but they can put the candidate through a series of interviews and they can test them based on a number of personalty test widely available. We have each candidate go through 4 interviews to get every position. We do this because we want them to know it is a difficult job, and a difficult job to get, and we don’t just pick anyone. This has developed over years of fine tuning and a number of hiring mistakes.

So learn from the NFL, and invest in finding the right person for your position, and don’t settle on just anyone. Spend the time and money, a bad hire is more costly then a good one.

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