Proof That Amazon Hasn’t Won Yet

The are many different sales tips that can increase your % of getting the business, implementing one to two a month and consistently using these successful sales tips will be the key to you increasing your success. Talking with many different sales people in many different arena’s it seems that more and more people are relying on power points and or slick brochures to make there sales.  New research from Caltech shows that may not be the best way for you to make the sale.

Imagine that you are in the market for a new lab top.  Three different salesman our in your lobby, each trying to get your business.

Salesperson #1 He walks in and know his stuff, and he tells you all about the features and benefits his super power 800gs lab top has. In fact it has won many awards.

Salesperson#2 She walks in and puts on a PowerPoint that shows how her new inspiration 450 with give you a great ROI. The power point is professional and she leaves you with super glossy brochures that tell you everything that the power point did.

Salesperson#3 He walks in and put the lab top on your desk. His new nac notbook has many of the same features as the other two salespeople. But he sets you up on line and pulls up the latest excel spreadsheets and shows you how to use them.

So who are you more likely to buy from????

If you guess number 3 you are a winner. So where does Amazon come into play here. Most people believe that the Internet will replace most brick and motor stores. Not so fast says the Caltech researchers. The question they wanted to address is at the heart of economics and marketing: Does the form in which an item is presented to consumers affect their willingness to pay for it?

Great question, we will tell you in Thursdays post.

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