Should You Push Your High Performer?

One of the things that managers do when they have their manager meetings is trying to figure out how to get the low performers on their team to perform up to expectations. This an activity that drives people that are driven and successful mad…Why don’t these low producers perform?

The fact is that salespeople that don’t perform should be gone in short order. What managers need to do is concentrate on helping the high performers get even higher. What is my rational behind this? Experience. You can’t push somebody up a ladder. That is essentially what you are trying to do with a low performer.

Top performer already have the drive. And what I have found is that despite that drive, they will often coast to the finish line. Why? Maybe they hit the monetary goal they were looking for. The awards may already be in the bag. 

What you need to do as a manager is stop wasting so much time on the bad salespeople, and push your good ones to great and the great one to super stardom.  How do you do this? it begins with feedback.  HBR has some great suggestions I use regularly.

  • Give both positive and constructive feedback to high performers regularly
  • Identify development areas, even if there are only a few.
  • Focus on the future and ask about motivations and goals
  • Tiger Woods was the greatest golfer in the world. What did he do? He changed his swing and made it even better. It took his game to new heights. If you want to make your team reach it’s goals, don’t spend hours and hours with people who are unwilling to put in the time to be at least satisfactory in their job.

    Take you time with the best and make them better. I have done this and despite having many under performers, my company was able to hit our goals this year with a small number of the team taking things to a new level. I’m not saying don’t try and help poor performers. But, the poor performers tend to take up an inordinate amount of time in comparison to the top ones.

    The moral of the story is, don’t try to push someone up that ladder.

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