Should You Walk Away?

Most busienss owners and sale people know when they should walk away from a deal, you need this to be a success in sales as well. It may be because the opprotunity sounds too good to be true, it may be because the deal is not one you or your company can handle, or it could be because the deal is not profitable for you. But what about the deal that is not that easy to verify…

Here is the senorio I was facing with a new sale person.

The salesmen finds a new prospect and sets the meeting by talking with the owner. The owner answers he phone himself….now in our industry that is very rare. Most business owner have rectionist or a a few layers of people you need to get through in order to get them on the phone.

We get to the meeting and the building is an empty office, full of desks and supplies, but no people. We meet him in his office, which has no computer??? I am already feeling leary.

My new rep has told me he looked into this company on Hoovers, which is a business data base of company names and contacts. This company is listed at  68 Million dollars a year.

The prospect wants to place an order for $500,000 worth of inventory. He wants to do this with little is any poking or proding from us….hmmmmmm

If it is too good to be true…

We wrap up the meeting and agree that the next steps will be for us to set up a line of credit, but first we need the company financials. After 2 weeks we do not hear anything.

The new rep keeps calling and calling trying to get this deal done…I do I tell him to walk away?

That is one of the hardest parts of any sales job…The rep see’s it as leaving money on the table…I see it as a time saver.


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