Skinny Bitch Yes…..Guys No

We have talked a lot in this blog about how much looks matter in business and especially in face to face sales.  The Book  “Skinny Bitch” was a New York Times Best seller and the Blog is as popular as ever.Every magazine from Maxim to Cosmo has beautiful people on the cover. It seems our culture is obsessed with looks. Fair or unfair this is the reality of the situation. So do you have to look like Britney Spears or Will Smith to be successful in sales or business? No, I don’t believe so, but it may be affecting your paycheck today. 

 The University Of St. Thomas decided to dig a little further into the subject to see how much it might be effecting people day-to-day. The study found that skinny women are paid more if they 25 pounds less then the group norm, that equalled about  $16,000 more per year.

And Men?

 The same does not hold true. Men have the same unrealistic stereotypes to live up to, but for them, being too skinny had an affect on their pay.  Men made about $8,000 less then their average male counterparts. It seems that people want men to be big and strong, not skinny.

So are companies trying to get sued for discrimination? Not likely.

“Employers don’t purposely think of these things when they’re evaluating a person,” said Teresa Rothausen-Vange, a management professor at the University of St. Thomas, who was not involved in the research.

“They don’t say ‘OK, this woman is skinny, I’m going to give her a raise.’ But research has shown that if you have two résumés, if all other qualifications make the candidates equal, the more physically attractive one — whether it’s a skinny woman or a muscly man — will have the leg up.”

Is there no hope for us regular people???? I know many people that are very successful in sales without the best looks or being super skinny, the world is full of them.  But the point here is that if you want to do everything you can to increase your earning power, perhaps your health is a good place to start.

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