Some Good News!

We read everyday about how we are in, were in, or are coming out of whatever recession/downturn we had. Everytime we have good news it is usually followed up by bad news. We all know that you have to be careful and critical about the stories we consume in the media. The have an agenda, and they are trying to be successful and sell their newspapers, ads ect.  If we read this we have an excuse to give our company owner or boss, we can’t sell the economy is bad, still bad, or not on the upswing yet. First off don’t read that junk, look at the real data, and even if that looks bad, you can only control what you can. Now, how about a reason for optiism?

Survey News

A survey of chief financial officers by CFO Research Services and American Express Co. showed that  75% of executives expect economic expansion this year, most said growth would be modest as opposed to substantial. That may may not sound like great news the research had more. Many copamanies have built up huge cash reserves during the downturn, and that will be used for aquissitions, of companies and equipment. Still not enough good news?

Look to Asia and Latin America to expand and sell. The emerging economies typically recover faster and a larger raet then we do here in the US. Where to sell????????  Argentinean executives were the most confident this year, with nearly 9 in 10 expecting to see economic expansion in the next 12 months. Some 39% said that growth will be “substantial” – the largest share to say so in any country surveyed.


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