Successful Sales Habits

There are a lot of things that occupy the salesperson’s day. This list can range from checking out the newest news headline, Wall Street Overhaul Stalls…Arizona Immigration Law…Bret Michaels Critical…stuff that has little or no bearing on our business. To the more important tasks, putting together presentations, setting appointments,  bringing a sale in ect…

There is  much on our to do list, things that everyday, take time from our revenue generating activities for the busy work that most of us do not want to do. Things like filling out TPS reports, endless sales meetings, entering in information into our company databases, did I mention endless sales meetings? You see there is only so much of what we do that is in our control and so much (like sales meetings) that are out of our control ( When your work for someone) that we really need to be guarded and selfish with our time.

One of the things I tell new salespeople is that when they begin to get busy, and have many things cooking in the hopper, they often get bogged down in busy work. Wheather it’s filling out reports, data enty,  or internal phone calls and emails…things add up quickly and can derail you from being successful.

So what can you do? Have a set time each day or week that you put your phone (cell phone included) on do not disturb!  Then using that one to two hours get that busy work done! I do this first thing in the morning or last thing in the evening, when the office is quite.

When you are responsible for your own income you need to be a master of time management. One program I have used and has helped keep me on track is Time for Love and Time for Money. I also enjoy Dr. Hogans The 168 Hour Week. Time management is a skill the wealthy and the best salespeople in the world have mastered.

If you don’t control your day, your day will end up controlling you. Don’t let that happen, REVENUE Generating Activities is what keeps you employed and keeps your income growing.

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