Tax Time

As April 15th approaches I often find myself looking over the last year and seeing how my income has changed and making sure I have everything I need to file my taxes. As Americans prepare to file their taxes they will look at their W2 and wonder what happened, why so little? Last year wasn’t a particularly bad year, I was down slightly from the previous year. As I see the kind of numbers my clients have put up over the past year I consider myself lucky to be in the position I’m in. 

I do wonder how much I may have made if I worked harder.  I worked my usual amount 45-50 hours a week. My clients were working 60+ hours each week just to keep afloat. I know money isn’t everything, I love my wife and family and want to spend time with them just like you.  But I do go back to my last post and say “am I maximizing my time at work?”

 Money isn’t the most important thing, but it does give you opportunities…

To take your wife on the trip you have always talked about,  put money in you children’s college fund, help your retirement aged parents get by.

And although it doesn’t solve all your problems, it puts you in position to deal with them better, and gives you one less thing to worry about. So, as you file your taxes this year, ask yourself if you had the year you wanted. If not why? Don’t blame the economy, there are plenty of business’s that have grown over the past year.

As I write this post, I too will be reflecting on the year past, and looking forward to seeing what I can do this year and not repeat last years mistakes. I made the excuses just like you, they have no money, their sales are down, they cut their budget.

People always find money for things that can improve their business, and most of the time it will cost them more to do nothing….Don’t let that happen, make them a better person, a better company, and don’t accept the excuses from yourself or them.

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