The begining

My goal in starting this is to help sales people. period. It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned professional or a rookie starting out. When I began my sales career I had no idea where to go to get good information, I had to try a LOT of old, outdated techniques that failed. I struggled to find somethings that worked. I will be bringing you ideas that work and have been tested in the field.  I’ve read hundreds of sales books that have left me disappointed and dishearted after realizing that I wasted my time on the same old things that have been rehashed and put in a new book. I’ll try not to do that, I use these things everyday in the field and so does my sales team.

I’ll also look to bring the best of the new sales books, materials, and web sites to your attention. All I feel that will bring value and enhance your career, and more importantly your pocketbook.

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