The Great Salesmen Myth

We have all heard it. We all have people that we have said it to, and we have heard other people say it. Sometimes they have said it to you. What is it? What is the great Myth that I am speaking of?

It is the long held belief by just about everyone that what will make a person good at sales and what makes a great salesperson is the gift of gab. The ability to walk into any room and talk to people. You know them, maybe it’s you…. people that are outgoing and light up a room when they walk in.

But this is a MYTH!  There are a lot of people that have that gift, and they don’t necessarily make the best salespeople. Every sales manager has the guy or gal they thought was going to be great because of that …the battlefield of sales are littered with their bodies. They are the ones always on Then there are the introverts…the ones who don’t talk a lot…some of us are quiet in a loud setting with a lot of people.

The fact of the matter is that both introverts and extroverts can make good or great salespeople. And they can make some of the worst. I have interviewed and hired people that seemed like they were a “natural”…outgoing, friendly, and charming….and you know what… they couldn’t sell a lick. I have also interviewed some who have that ability and  they are outstanding.

There are also the introverts who I have hired and have sold incredibly well. You see the secret is that you don’t have to be the life of the party to sell well. You also don’t have to be the quiet nerd in the corner. What serperates the good from the bad salesperson is being a great listener,persistance, strong ego, and the ability to persuade other to their way of thinking.

There is no Mr. or Ms. personality that wins sales. It comes down to fundamentals along with the willingness and the ability to learn new skills. To strive for excellence. This doesn’t come in a one size fits all personality.

So before you are in a social situation and you think…he would be a great salesman…think about the other traits…then think twice before that recommendation.

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