The Slight Edge

What are you doing today that can give you the edge?

Most sales people don’t put in the time or effort to be truly great at their profession.  Putting in the extra effort is the difference in a career and a job. But you say that you don’t have the time and you want work life balance…well, how hard to you work when you are at work?

Do you Google Kate Gosselin hairstyle? or the latest results from American Idol?  I know…I’s only a few minutes…that doesn’t make a difference, add that to the coffee break…added to chit chat…added to a longer lunch hour…. You get the idea.

You can’t waste time at work and tell me you have no time at home to make a better life for your family and yourself.  How much did that missed sale cost you? Not in just the commission, but the referrals, and perhaps the chance to get the next big promotion. You see, what we miss is often the opportunity that is right in front of our face because we lacked the tools to get it done.

The next sales book you read, the next ezine you pick a tip up from, can mean much more then the difference in one sale. It can be the difference in a more successful career, and a better life. Think I’m exaggerating?  Think about the one that got away..How much different would that sale have meant to your pocket book and the person you are today?

There will always be misses but the slightest edge can be the difference in haveing a job and being the go to guy/gal for your company. The one everyone knows is going to get the next big promotion, get the next big deal.

How do you get started?

Take that one action today….

Buy the book…

Take a shorter lunch or better yet work through lunch..

Then tell me in a week you aren’t a different person..a better person..

That you don’t feel better about the direction of your career…

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