Want a New Job?

We talk over and over about how the business world is ever changing. You need skills that will keep you relevant. How do you you that? One way we try and stay on top of things here is looking at the top careers, these are people that are getting hired with good salaries. They will go to companies that are also doing well, and thus they get paid well. At Successful Sales Tools, we look at these jobs as a way of finding potential business partners. People that might need our services, and can afford to pay us.

CareerCast.com provided a list of the top ten jobs for 2012.  They ranked the jobs based on a list of factors that include, the work environment, income, job outlook, physical demands, and stress. The list should also be of interest to those that are unsure about what field to go into.  Look at the list and let me know what you think.

Job                                                   Score

    1. Software Engineer                          176
    2. Actuary                                                226
    3. Human Resource Manager          282
    4. Dental Hygienist                              289
    5. Financial Planner                            300
    6.  Audiologist                                        311
    7. Occupational Therapist                 318
    8. Online Advertising Manager       343
    9. Computer Systems Analyst          370
    10. Mathematician                                  392

To see the methodology of the scoring system please look here. What catches your eye about this list? It seems to me it is full of skills for people that can Sell, (3,5,8) people who excel at math, (1,2,5,9,10) and people who understand how to work on computers (1,2,8,9,10). These are the skills that companies are hungry for and will pay top dollar.  So will the skills you have or have acquired over the last few years keep you relevant in any of these fields? if not you may want to sharpen that saw.

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