Want Better Tips Part 2

When we left off at our last post before the holiday we gave you five tips that will help you increase your tips. These tips will give every server what they want, more money. It will also make for a more happy customer, and when you have happy customers, a happy staff, you have a better business. So for our next five tips……

6. Touch your customers- this is something that a lot of good waiters and waitresses know instinctively. I used to train a beautiful sales women in an transactional sales business. She touched male customers from the very beginning, just ever so slightly on the arm, or on the back…and she was really successful. Touch is affection, it means they like you, and when people like you they want to tip you more. The increase…. 5%, every little bit helps.

7. Smile- this seems like something you should be doing anyway, even if you are having a bad day, people like happy people. The increase 140%

8. Compliment their food choice- This makes your customers feel smart. They make good decisions…like tipping you more, to the tune of 2-3%

9. Repeat your customers orders-Doing this in your customers tone, and style increases your chances of getting a tip from 52% to 78%! And the tips amount almost doubled.

10. Sell-This is what every restaurant wants their staff to do. Most people tip based on the size of their bill. Get them to order more drinks, this quickly adds up the total on the bill.


So far that is 10 of the tips to help your staff make more money. And as we stated more money equals a happier staff and that means a happy customer!



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