Want Better Tips Part 3

Yesterday we left for with tips 6-10. And right before the holiday we had tips 1-5. The tips have ranged from the obvious, smile and sell up to add on to the bill. To some not so easy like repeat their order and wear something unusual. Just by using these first 10 tips you should have enough ammo in your belt to increase your income by 20%. Well, for those over achievers, here is the next five.

11. Keep the customers entertained-Tell a joke, an entertaining story on what happened on the way to work today. What your kid did at home that was so funny. How much will this increase your w2 next year? Customers that reported being entertained left an average tip of 23% compared to the non entertained 16% Is 7% enough to remember that joke?

12. Lie about the weather- Everyone is happier when the sun is out. It seems that the whole world is on an upper. That’s is what you need to project to your customers. If the weather is bad outside say, ” Sun is just around the corner”…servers who projected better increased their tips by 19% over no projections!!

13 Write a thank you-  This is something we all need to do a little more of, saying thank you. Servers who write a thank you on the check increase their pay 2-3%.

14. Write a patriotic message- This is one that you may have to know your audience. Ever since 9-11 patriotism has soared. Putting a patriotic message increased tips by 2-3 % again. This is one that I might use later, after all other tips have been exhausted. Although it would increase my tipping.

15. Draw a picture- This personalizes you to the customer. A smiley face is often used but studies suggest that it best used by a women. Women who draw a smiley face increase tips by 17%!!! That is one of those take home points you need to have. I also tell a waitress I like to do this.

Remember to be a success at sales you need to try and test everything. The best sales people do this, and that what the servers are. part four will wrap all of this up.


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