Want Better Tips part 4

In parts one, two and three of this four part series we have had a few sales success tips that are easy to implement such as smiling, drawing a picture on the check and simply repeating the customers order. When you first begin to implement these tips you will see an increase in the amount of tips and and increase in percentage of people that will tip. In today’s world you need all the help you can get in order to make more money and make yourself more indespensible to your company or in this case restaurant.  Using these tips will do that, you can thank me and Cornell University who helped compile the list and the studies involved in them

And now for the long awaited final 5!

16. Call the customer by name- Dale Carnegie wrote about this 40 years ago in his book “How To Win Friend and Influence People”. We all love the sound of our name. The payoff? Tips increased 10% in size.

17. Show Visa- Seeing the Visa insignia or any other credit card for that matter increases the customers willingness to spend money. It increases the awareness of the availability of free credit.The payoff? Customers increased the sizes of their tip 22% and 25% at two different places.

18. Give Candy- This is one of the nearest and dearest to my heart. Reciprocity…we give to those who give us things. The payoff was that the tip incresed to 23% of the bill size. Sorry Dentists…

19. Provide Tipping Guidelines-Can you believe that 30% of the US do not know that tipping 15-20% of the bill is the norm in the US? IS this any wonder that people need to be told what to do…and that includes when we tip. Remember to use a third party as a guideline though. This was my least favorite with the lowest and sometime conflicting returns…so skip this one…but had to keep it in to make a nice neat 20!

20. Play Songs With Pro-Social Lyrics-This was a study from Europe, the tipping increased from 24% to 35% when German classical music was played in a German diner, the same with France. The tip amount increased 3-5%

So there you have it. Some super strong sales success tips to some average….but as we repeatedly said in this, try some out and pass through the results to us. We would love to see how they have help make you more money and become a better employee…

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