Want Better Tips?

Waiter and waitresses all over the US want to make more money. Duh…everyone wants to make more money. But what can we do about it? You can learn the things that make people like you and tip you more. This is a blog that we typically talk about sales success and business trends, ideas, and news. But every waitress and waiter needs to realize they are selling as much as any person who is in a suit and selling for a Fortune 500 company. Top waiters and waitresses can make more the 100k per year. I have a close friend that works in a very expensive and one of the most famous steak houses in the US. He make almost $200,000 a year! People look at him when he say that he is a “waiter” and think less of him. Boy have they missed the boat.

Here are the first of four parts on how to increase your tips.

1. For Women wear make up.

This seems like a something every women should know, how does it translate to more money???

Tipping increase from 34% to 51% (Europeans!)

The tips also increased from an average of $!.11 to $1.40. How much is that worth in a year?

2. Wear something unusaul.

Waitresses that added a flower to thier hair increased tips by 17%

3. Squat next to the table

There are a few reasons this works, it facilitates eye contact is one of them The increase here? 18%

4. Introduce yourself by name

This increased tips by almost $2.oo per server.

5. Stand close to your customer (note do not do the squat and this one)

This works because of proximity. Proximity signal that you like the person. The increase here $1.17 to $1.40. The french again…they don’t tip like Americans.

Start using these tip today and start to make more money. More in our next post



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