Want Success at Retail Sales?

Here at Successful Sales Tools we often have questions and give tip on multi-meeting, or complex sales. We also have a following that looks to us for advice on simple sales. For those of you that don’t know a “simple sale” is simply a term used to connote a sale that is made in one transaction, and often, but not always, at a lower dollar amount.  Think Best Buy. There is really nothing simple about it, in fact it is often more difficult to make a sale in such a situation. You don’t have the time to really get to know the client, do research on them, and often they are “just shopping”.

Having been in the simple sale in a past profession, I can assure the readers this is a difficult to both get the sale and train sound techniques. What it often come down to is being knowledgeable and friendly. You can win a lot of sales just buy doing that. For those of you that want more I recommend taking a course or reading books & blogs on persuasion. Kevin Hogan’s  books are ones that I send all my sales people to regardless of the type of sale. Recently a few professors showed that persuasion can help you make more sale.

Céline Jacob, Nicolas Guéguen, Angélique Martin and Gaëlle Boulbry had sales people in a reatil environment mimick a customers speach and behavior when selling them mp3 players. In the study those that mimicked the behavior of others sold 78.8% of the time! The non mimickers sold at 61.8% of the time.

The mimickers also were more well liked and recived as more positive by the clients.

So is you have a simple sale, what should you do? Can you try a mirror you customer to sell 17% more? How much does that add to your company and your bottom line???



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