Want To Be Better Boss?

A few post ago we gave you our tips on being a better boss. Now I wanted to share what our readers had to say. Our hope is that you take these to heart and use the tips that are working for other business’s.

Kevin Hogan Said “be assertive and also clear in your goals and what you expect from your team”

Karen ”One is to hold your people accountable to hitting their numbers, both activity and production goals – and help them to improve so they hit their numbers. And secondly, protect your people from the crap that inevitably rolls downhill. Sometimes the corporate bureaucracy can be the “sales prevention” department…. ”

Wendy “Listen and say thank you”

Dennis “All 5 tips are powerful and dead on but I think #2, really listen to your team, is one of the most important. As you said, they are on the front line, they know what is working and what is not, listen to them and incorporate what they tell you into your goals for the company.”

All great points from our readers. I will begin to implement these along with the points I already live by, And if any of you out there need help, reach out to Rob..:)

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