Want To Get Your Employees To Do More Work, Faster?

We all know the people in our office that do work slowly and try to get the day to pass by killing time, and doing no more then they have to. We often see it at our local post office or DMV. No, I am not here to rip on government workers or talk about their inefficiency.  You see people you and I work with, that get paid either directly or indirectly on their performance still do this…. It is something every manager, owner and CEO  has to deal with.

What can you do about it?

There is no easy answer but we do have an idea for you.  It is not actually ours, but hey we are bringing it to you… It is Ken Schultz, a management science researcher from the University of Alberta.

Schultz used data from analyzing GM assembly line workers and seeing how fast they completed their jobs.  Schultz believed that some of the workers would be influenced by other, more efficient workers.  Schultz found in his analysis of the production-line data, was that, by changing up lines to introduce a higher-performing worker to an average or lower-than-average performing line, an impact can be made on efficiency or productivity.

So what can you do? How about changing things up. Selling as a team. Have your low performer go out on meetings with your high performer. One thing I always hated as a salesperson, but was very effective, was when we all sat in a room and made calls to set appointments together. The competitive juices that motivate all salespeople get flowing and we often had great days.  I would never admit it at the time, but those calling sessions where some of my most productive days. Schultz finishes with this 

“To get that extra bit, you want to find the good or great players who will perform better around other great players.”

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