What Does Target Have Over Walmart?

The answer is Women.

Who is your target audience? That is an important element if you are going to be a success in sales or in business. Would it be helpful to target different sexes differently?  Buyology has released a report recently of the top desired brands. When combing through this list I found a few things interesting.   For instance men had 5 auto makers on the list. Women 2.  Both sides had National Geographic, Microsoft, and Kleenex.

Women has both Visa and MasterCard. Men had neither.  Women also preferred Target over Walmart.  (on a side note that is where they are probably using the Visa and MasterCard)

What do these brands say thatone sex over another sees them as more desired over another? Why do women love Target over Walmart? If I am looking to target an audience, no pun intended, I would look at what these brands had that made them so desirable, and try to align myself with them.

The research comes from more than 6 years and $8 million, testing 240 global brands with more than 5000 consumers. A few more tid bits.

  • Amazon (#7) beats Wal-Mart (#22) as the most desired retailer for women
  • Google (#6) beats Apple (#45), Microsoft (#12) and Facebook (#69) as the most desired internet/technology brand
  • Top 20 Most Desired Brands in the World
    Rank Women Men
    #1 Johnson & Johnson Crest
    #2 Sony BMW
    #3 Kleenex National Geographic
    #4 National Geographic Panasonic
    #5 MasterCard Hyundai
    #6 Google Kleenex
    #7 Amazon Coca-Cola
    #8 Visa Microsoft
    #9 General Electric Tide
    #10 Toshiba Lexus
    #11 Crest Apple
    #12 Microsoft Bed Bath & Beyond
    #13 Disney Ford
    #14 Target Animal Planet
    #15 Tropicana Hitachi
    #16 BMW Mercedes-Benz
    #17 Febreze FedEx
    #18 Ford Procter & Gamble
    #19 Olay Hallmark
    #20 Chase Geico

    So how can you use this to your advantage?

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