Who Are You Trying To Please?

So who are you trying to please? This is a key question we all need to ask ourselves as sales people. Imagine you are in an Apple store, and the salesperson comes up to you..here is the conversation…

SP ” Can I help you?” 

You “I’m looking for a present for my son..He really wants an iPad..but it’s too much money”

SP ” I understand..what else might he want?”

You” He has an iPod..so I’m not sure..what else do you recommend?”

SP ” W e have lots of great products…but…I bet your son would think you are the best dad in the world if you got him that iPad..he would tell all his friends…your wife would probably think your an old softy…but she would be really happy as well…but it is quite a bit of money”

So tell me…what are you going to do?  You are going to buy that iPad. Why? because we will do more to please others and get congratulations then we will actually do for ourselves.  You want your son to be ecstatic..you want you wife to ugh..hug you that night. You will roll through all these scenarios in you head..and the decision has been made for you.

So how can we as sales people use this?  Who is your decision maker responsible for? who are they trying to please? Can your product or service give him more time at home with his family? If your product and service will make her receptionists life easier, wouldn’t she have to buy from you.?

We are all inclined to help those we care about and depend on. In some instances we will do even more for them, then we would to help ourselves. Kevin Hogan and Gary May cover this topic in their great book Selling: Powerful New Strategies for Sales Success

So when selling to your decision maker, make sure you tell them all the great benefits the ones they care about will get. While doing this make sure you mention their people buy name that will be benefiting, they will really feel it then.  Don’t forget the good things the company will get by using your product and service too!

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