Who Makes Financial Decisions In Your House?

Well it depends on who is reading this. As a marketer or salesperson you are going to need to know who is the one making purchasing decisions. If you are going to be marketing to households or be a success in sales this is imperative. According to Time magazine women are 40% of the bread winner in the US now. But there is more interesting data, if you are a male, most of the purchasing decisions are not made by you. Mediamark Research says the men in the average only account for about 25% of the purchasing.

Take a look at the following numbers

Percentage of Females As Primary Shopper              1989                  2009

All Products                                                                                                                                         85.5%                                   75.1%

Baby/Childrens Products                                                                                                                 88.8%                                  78.4%

Food Products                                                                                                                                     85.5 %                                 75.1%

Non Food Products                                                                                                                            85.6%                                  75.1%

Pet Food & Products                                                                                                                         88.4%                                   78%

Well as we can see things have changed a lot over the last 10 years…women are working more, and making more, but it appears they are also making less of the choices then they used too.  The thing that is amazing to me is that they still make 3/4  of the choices in the household. What does this tell you about your website or products…are they female friendly? Are you targeting new products and services geared to them or making their hectic life easier? It seems to me that many company’s are missing the mark o  this…








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