Why You Buy At Amazon

I love books, so do many of the people I know and hang out with. Amazon has made me an addict. One of the things I like most is the reccommneded for you list. Amazon looks at my buying history and makes suggestions based on that, the are in fact the experts, right? They also make it easy with thier one click button. It is almost like you are a rat collecting a pellet everytime we click on it…I have no proof but I do believe that when I click the endorphins in my head are flowing.  Why do I trust their recomendations?

Penn State Univeristy may have the reason.  The study from Penn State suggests online consumers judge a site’s or a software’s credibility by its name—and the more specialized the better. . In an experiment, participants said they trusted websites, recommendation-providing software and even computers labeled to perform specific functions more than the same Internet tools with general designations, according to S. Shyam Sundar, the Proffessor at Penn State.

The key take away for me was this…..

Credibility appears to increase when participants used more than one specialized tool — or layer — at the same time for the  task. For example, Sundar said that the participants trusted a website more if it features a specialized recommendation agent. “It’s a cumulative interaction,” said Professor Sundar. “When at least two out of the three layers of online sources were labeled specialist, there was an increase in the trust and credibility among the users.”

 ”Similarly, we tend to quickly believe statements made by experts or specialists because we apply the ‘expertise heuristic,’ which says that experts’ statements can be trusted.”

How about that? Expert statements can be trusted…. What can you do to be the expert in your field?

What else can you apply this research to?

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