Will Your New Hire Make It?

We have a team of new hires. Our stats show that only 25% will make more then 12 months. We have been studying it to try and find out what makes one stick and what makes on quit. Now if you are successful in sales you will most likely not leave. But what about the slower starters? I myself have a slow start to my career. In fact my old, since fired boss, tried after a month to get me to switch to a customer service position. We go through a stingent hireing process that we have detailied here in the past.

We have tried personality tests, math tests, IQ tests…..all have helped somewhat…We use an outside company, have our own internal team, and have questioned our successful sales people.

The question is

What are we missing? What do you think we need to add? We have an extensive training program, what that has produced some great sales people. But as you can imagine, a new hire costs us $50-60,ooo in start up costs and benefits in the first 12 months. If we have used an outside firm you can add 10-15K that we paid a headhunter.

Our readers are some of the smartest out there, please let us know what has worked for you or what you think we shoudl try…..

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