Worst Service In America

There are a lot of things that you need in order to be a success in sales and business. You need a solid product, great leadership, and fantastic customer service. The last part about customer service I hold near and dear to my heart. I am not a hard person to please, I expect people to do their jobs and do it well. I expect people to answer my questions, and if asked, give advice. I can also be very loyal if you are basically average at service. But the minute I begin to feel my business had been taken for granted or that I do not have a competent person working with me/for me, I fire the company permenatly.

MSN Money posteed their 2011 customer service Hall of Shame.

MSN and Zogby teamed up and scoured the country for the best and worst incustomer service.

So who would I Fire?

10. Farmers Insurance

Who according to MSN tried to raise their rates in California after improving tehir customer service from below average to slightly above average…wow

9. JPMorgan Chase

17 billion in profits and no customer service

8. Progressive Insurance

30% said customer service was poor…1 billion in profits, maybe hire someone good at service or has a clue

7.  Citigroup

A repeat winner from 2010…keep on charging those inacyive fee’s

6. Comcast

I think of Seinfeld and I’ll be there between 8-5 on Monday…sure…a repeat from 2010 as well

5.  Time Warner

Another cable company another repeat from 2010, I should start a cable company…

4. Sprint

Another repeat winner. I think with all the competition out there for cell plans I’d drop them in a heartbeat.

3. Capital One

“What’s in Your Wallet?”…bad customer service… 4x winner(loser)

2. AOL

The real winner here, they had held the top spot in this poll since 2008…way to go you are now number 2!!!!!!!!

1. Bank of America

4th bank here, and they were number 2 last year…we all have to have goals of being number 1.

The list here shows company’s that don’t care about you or business….they are just big….and we keep coming to them. Do us all a favor..Fire them…Today!


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