You Might Need A New Job If…

In our last post we talked about Ten fields that are growing, and you should look there for opportunity for sales and for a career.  At Successful Sales Tools we also want you to stay away from careers that look to be on the downside. Careers that don’t have business’s that are growing or whose futures look dim. We also included the same ranking system as the previous post. Not surprising some of the careers are low because of the inherit danger in them. We are not judging these, just reporting the data. All of these can be good careers, just not the easiest or most fulfilling.  Take a look and see some surprises.

  1. Broadcaster           1480
  2. Butcher                   1527
  3. Dishwasher            1539
  4. Meter Reader        1545
  5. Waiter/Waitress   1575
  6. Reporter (Newspaper)  1594
  7. Oil Rig Worker       1627
  8. Enlisted Military Soldier    1703
  9. Dairy Farmer         1748
  10. Lumberjack            1776

So what stands out? As a former Journalism Major I can tell you that 1 & 6 surprised me greatly. These were at one time great careers with a lifelong earning potential. The dangerous ones speak for themselves. I would never tell a soldier that his/her career is not worthy or good, but the danger with 10,8, & 7 are the reasons they dropped so low.

So if I am looking to expand my business or sell more, except life insurance, I would stay away from business’s that might be relying on these companies to keep up their revenue. Look for areas in the top 10 or 20 to expand. What do you see as potential here?

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