Your Customer Service Sucks!

At least that is what the buyers are saying…..  Many business’s today have different measurements for customer service. If you want to be a success in sales, and continue that success you need to keep your customers satisfied. We wrote a year ago about how hard it is to make the right decisions when it’s hurts your brand. Toyota did not do that and people ended up getting hurt and the Toyota brand suffered severe damage, much more then if they would have done the correct recall.  The funny thing that most American will pay more if the service is better.  The American Express Global Customer Service Barometer , conducted a survey from 12 different countries across the globe. The survey showed that we are not treating our customer like they expect.

What did the results show?

It show that most people feel you do not care about them or if they come back to buy from you.
To be more specific……
  • 27% feel businesses have not changed their attitude toward customer service.
  • 28% say that companies are now paying less attention to good service.
  • 91% of consumers believe that customer service is important when deciding to do business with a company!

    The staggering thing is that only 25% feel if the company cares if they come back …..SO how hard do you work to get a customer??? How much time and energy does it cost you?

    Company’s are failing everyday, they are losing customers to the competition…and you are failing too.

    How does this affect your repeat buyers?

    Here is the big take away……   81% will not do business with a company again they have had a bad experience with….  81%. That is too much market share to be losing.

    How important is your customer service now??


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